Pokemon Gotcha

拜 Pokemon 還沒有中文化的關係,有玩過 Pokemon 的朋友一定知道,當寶貝球抓到寶可夢的時候畫面會出現一個「Gotcha」字眼。 那麼,Gotcha 是什麼意思呢? 很恰巧的 G | 比異鳥 | 生活的評價網站,您日常生活上的小幫手 | 分享你的經驗,讓世界更美好

I love the Gotcha. But my problem with the Gotcha is that its "too fast" and too low a catch rate. On a typical jog I’ll ue 150 redballs but only catch 50 pokemon.

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Go-tcha ist ein neues Wearable für Pokémon GO-Spieler, welches wie ein Mi Band 2 von Xiaomi aussieht, allerdings nicht offiziell von Nintendo ist. Es gibt ein offizielles Wearable für Pokémon.

Pokemon GO-TCHA Evolve er det nyeste, råeste Pokemon GOTCHA armbåndet på markedet. Ta din Pokemon Go-spilling til et nytt nivå med fantastiske fargeanimasjoner og vibrasjoner som lar deg fange Pokemon og Pokestops automatisk. Sjekk tiden, tell skrittene dine, se på statistikken din på fargen og en rekke andre spennende nyheter!

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Final Verdict: Pokemon Go Plus vs Pokemon Go-tcha. To me, the best Pokemon Go tracker is a better choice than the Pokemon Go-tcha because of several reasons: The Pokemon Go-tcha flaunts a better aesthetic and a replaceable silicon band. It offers a more stable connection and doesn’t have random disconnection issues.

So if your pokemon is dead, and you have no revives, you can power it up with stardust and candies and it will come back to life with 1hp! Then you can heal normally with potions etc. This will save you walking around with a bunch of dead pokemon so often when you dont have revives!

Strona poświęcona opasce do łapania Pokemonów – Go-tcha. Status serwisowy, Aktualizacja aplikacji, Pytania, Manual i więcej.

Pokemon GO-Tchaのその後! 全自動ポケモン捕獲マシーン「Pokemon GO-Tcha」を購入しておよそ2ヶ月が経ちました。具体的な捕獲数を交えて改めてのレビューです。 記事を読む

Ja es LOHNT sich! ja ihr solltet es KAUFEN! Auto Catch von Brook aka Gotcha!I love the Gotcha. But my problem with the Gotcha is that its "too fast" and too low a catch rate. On a typical jog I’ll ue 150 redballs but only catch 50 pokemon.

As stated above you can interrupt it and catch normally, but this pauses the gotcha and it wont grab anything (Pokemon or stops) for a few seconds after you’re done catching. Its next to Impossible to see the digital screen in bright sunlight, however it does vibrate.

T ravel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO for iPhone and Android devices. With Pokémon GO, you’ll discover Pokémon in a whole new world—your own! Pokémon GO gives you the chance to explore real locations and search far and wide for Pokémon.